Big, Scary, Mean, Daddy

So yeah, it is perfectly normal for kids to think that their dad is big and strong and even scary (at least when he’s angry), and I guess it’s okay for my kids too…except that their dad is ADAM SCOTT TISDALE. Seriously, people. I may be wonderful and fabulous and amazing (ahem, you should be nodding and cheering here), but no one – not even my own mother – thinks that I am nicer that my husband. Well…no one except my children, that is. It boggles my mind, and even makes me giggle with slightly malicious glee at times…which just goes to show…. But the truth is: he’s a dad and he is a little scary and angry and impatient. I mean, so am I, but apparently that is no big deal. Daddy is the scary one who is hard to talk to. That’s right. One of my children came right out and said that he is hard to talk to. I was dumb-founded. Kids are weird. Parenting is hard. Spring Break is no fun if you have no big plans. And, tee hee, Adam is meaner than I am!!!!


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