Not so angry now….

So, I haven’t been writing here much recently. All I really had to say was that I was angry – the toxic kind of anger that had no productive side and did not spur me onto greatness in literature. Or any other kind of greatness either. Think of it as chemo hangover: I was so tired of being in charge, of having cranky kids, of “keeping” my crazy husband (who definitely needed a keeper), and of cancer in general. Some of those things have abated a bit, but others rage on. Still, I am better and so glad for it. Adam was marked today, so he has officially begun the final leg of the treatment journey. The marks are “not yet permanent, but they will be eventually.” We don’t have any idea what that is about, but we can say that as tattoos go, they are pretty tame. We shall therefore be thinking of more kick-ass versions to add to his collection after this is all over! And maybe I will finally go through with getting one myself. We are, however, fairly cheap when it comes to things like this. Stay tuned for further developments!

In other news, our post-chemo celebration is coming up on Saturday November 9th. We are working out the details of paying our special musical guest, Jeremy Casella, but we are really excited about the evening. He will also lead worship at our church on Sunday, so come to one, the other or both!


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