Re-centering normal…again

We are almost done with school for this year and the end can’t come soon enough for Ethan. I must confess that I am also looking forward to a reprieve from the tyranny of the alarm clock! But with the end of our daily commitment to school, we are left with days to fill with something other than tv and video games. We need to get our pool set up – that will be a first for us this year – and Kara will be doing swim team. I hope Ethan will too, but it’s not looking good so far. The kids will have some time with grandparents and we are even trying to come up with a way to take a little family trip that won’t overly tax Adam because…oh yeah…he’ll still be doing chemo every other week. Usually we have camps and trips and visits and activities planned to punctuate our lazy summer days, but this year I can’t get those plans done. The kids – especially Ethan – are too stressed right now to add anything else to their plates – even summer camps that they would enjoy. They simply don’t have any capacity to cope left. Most trips obviously aren’t going to happen…aside from the afore-mentioned short one. Even that is a new development and is more a testimony to Adam’s need to get away than to his ability to plan right now. So summer vacation is here…and it is going to be weird…just like everything else since the end of February. Because Adam is fighting for his life and that fight is putting life on hold. And I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can look at the phrase about Adam fighting for his life without having a visceral rebellion to the idea. So. The new normal. Still don’t like it. But I am incredibly glad that I can turn the alarm off in only six more days! Baby steps, I guess….


One thought on “Re-centering normal…again

  1. Steve Walsman says:

    Lydia and Adam, I love you guys and am praying for you and your family.

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