Still a miserable vomitous mass….

We have confirmation. Adam has a cancerous tumor in his colon. We saw the surgeon today and we won’t really have any more details about stage, type, long-term treatment or what life will look like until after the surgery…which is scheduled for next Friday morning. On the bright side, we really like the surgeon and the staff in the office. On the not so bright side, it’s still cancer and there are still a lot of unknowns. You know that axiomatic saying, “when you hear hoof beats, look for horses not zebras?” The doctor says Adam is a zebra. He has very few symptoms, only a mild family history of any kind of cancer, he is healthy and young. But. He has cancer.

We told the kids last night. They handled it pretty well. They asked if he was going to die and he assured them that he had no plans of doing that anytime soon. We explained that he’d have surgery and that we’re praying that is all the treatment he’ll need. We’ll cross any other bridges as we face them. We also told the kids’ teachers so they can be prepared for whatever may happen at school. It was also sort of a preemptive excuse for why we didn’t get the kids as ready for Friday tests as we usually do. As worried as I am about Adam and as sad as I am for myself, my irrational fears are mostly for my children. I pray for peace and that I don’t communicate the panic to them.

Provided the surgery goes well and we hit the best-case scenario, the recovery period should be a couple of weeks. He will probably be in the hospital for a few days. We have no idea how March is going to play out, so we are still trying to take things as they come and not borrow tomorrow’s trouble. It is definitely true that today has plenty of trouble of it’s own. Pray for us. We’ll keep everyone posted.


5 thoughts on “Still a miserable vomitous mass….

  1. Paul Buckner says:

    We will keep you, Adam and the children in our prayers. Will it be ok put Adam on the Prayer List at my church? We are members of the First Baptist Church in Union City.

    Love you

    Aunt Faye

    Sent from my iPad

  2. nivaladiva says:

    Hi, I’m not going to like this post but just wanted you to know I’ve been in your shoes (minus kids) and am thinking of you. One day at a time.

  3. Carol Tisdale says:

    I am so sorry to hear this Lydia. Please know that you, Adam, and the children are in my prayers. If there is anything at all I can do please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Love, Aunt Carol

  4. Cheryl says:

    We are here for you and your family…we can watch the kids anytime…You know C would love to see E and I can get my girl fix with K. 🙂

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