A Miserable Vomitous Mass

No…I’m not cleaning up after a sick child, though that was one of my first thoughts too. Nope. The wonderfully evocative line from The Princess Bride is simply an apt description of how I feel. I’m not sick. I just had a really, REALLY bad day yesterday. Adam’s was even worse. Because the only thing worse than prepping for a colonoscopy, having a colonoscopy, and having a surprise CT scan afterwards is finding out that the doctors are pretty sure you have a cancerous mass. Yep. He hasn’t gotten final confirmation from the pathology report yet, but the appointment with the surgeon is already scheduled. He is now recovering from the tests themselves – all the pain of 1000 ab crunches, but with none of the results – his words, not mine. Pray for us. The kids only know that he has a stomach problem – so we’re trying to keep the talking about it to a minimum when they’re around. Ha! Talking to a minimum? Have you MET us? We don’t know much yet…just enough to decide that looking on the internet would stress us more, so we’re not doing that! (On webmd: Symptom checker: runny nose Possible causes: allergic rhinitis, cancer) One bit of drama we definitely don’t need right now. By the grace of God, one of my best friends is going to be here this weekend – it was planned weeks ago – and I can cry and rage with her. We do some of that anyway – about everything from fat pants to misbehaving children to wanting things we can’t have to…well, now, to cancer. I really hate cancer. I already hated it. We’ve seen it ravage health, take lives, destroy peace…and build faith, reunite families, spark hope…. God is bigger than anything this world can throw at us. I guess He’s going to show us what that means for us. Did I mention? Please pray for us.



7 thoughts on “A Miserable Vomitous Mass

  1. Ben Mullis says:

    My goodness, you never know what to say in this situation……..it just sucks. Sending love, thoughts, and prayers your way.

  2. ashlie says:

    praying, praying, praying…

  3. Doug says:

    Praying for you guys.

  4. Michelle says:

    you know that we are praying for you and are here for you. You can ask for help in anyway, anything… but mostly praying for peace. Nothing like the C word to put a little perspective in our lives. ((hugs)) to both of you.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Love you Lydia and your family…we are here for you, Adam and your entire family. I am giving you and Adam a Hug right now….

  6. Gloria Tisdale says:

    Adam, Lydia, and children, you know our prayers and thoughts are with you every minute of
    every day. Good thoughts, prayers for a speedy and complete recovery, and love from Jack and me.

  7. jm goforth says:

    Adam, you and your family will be added to my daily prayers. I’m so very sorry you’re dealing with such hard times, sweet lady. We have had several family members deal colon cancer , for the most part with positive overall results. If you need info on good docs in the Huntsville area let me know. Love and hugs XO

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