O children, children….

For anyone who has not had the privilege of watching the old animated version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the title of this post needs to be said in a tired, sad, disappointed, and even scared sort of tone. For those who have seen that particular masterpiece of literary adaptation, I’m quoting Aslan, tone and all, when he realizes that Lucy and Susan have followed him to the Stone Table. Why you ask? Because my children are Doing It Again. They are fussing and fighting over sink time to brush their teeth. They are descending into a madness of bruised egos and name calling over updating the chore chart. They are forgetting their lunch boxes because they are too busy defending their dignity. DIGNITY?!?! O children, children….

Do you ever wonder, in your heart of hearts where no one else can hear the wondering, if you look as ridiculous as “those people?” Maybe for you “those people” aren’t children, but some other group that you have written off as foolish, inept, or otherwise contemptible. Because for me, while I hesitate to use those particular adjectives to describe two of the most beloved people in my life, my children are still the height of utter ridiculousness. I laugh, I cry, I yell, I encourage, I chastise, and I say “o children, children” in the voice of an animated lion. And I am aware that others do the very same thing when they look at me. Maybe without the movie quotation….

Have you ever been to a dance recital and seen the two- and three-year-old ballerinas? They may be adorable, but graceful is generally in short supply. They are playing at learning to do something that they simply aren’t developmentally ready to do well. Which is fine…wonderful, in fact. It gives us all hope. We may be no more skilled or masterful than the average two-year-old ballerina, but we are learning something new in life and our loved ones think we’re great. But lets not get arrogant here…we’re still turning in circles, often in the wrong direction and at the wrong time, with our metaphorically diaper-clad butts sticking out for the world to see. But God loves us anyway. And hopefully we can love ourselves and those around us too. And dignity? I guess it’s relative. And maybe not as important as some of us would like to think!

PS Speaking of credit where credit is due, I must tell you that the two-year-old ballerina image is from my mom…who is great…see the last post if you haven’t!


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