I need a new chair.

“The mind can only absorb what the backside can endure.” Or something like that. I’ve loved that saying since I first heard it in high school. It is so true…even if there are a gazillion versions of it, I have no idea how the original was phrased, and I cannot figure out to whom the credit for it belongs. All that is unimportant right now, because my backside has ceased enduring. I have been working on a post all morning, while also composing an important email and playing even more important Facebook games, and I am going to have to admit defeat. I really do love sitting in front of the screen and working, but I really must invest in a better chair. My back hurts and I’m walking like my spine is 25 years older than the rest of me. Which is what an orthopedic surgeon told me is the case…right after he told me that I wouldn’t like the results of what he could do for me, so I should see a therapist…which is what I had just done. But I digress. There will be a post soon – it’s percolating in my brain – but it won’t arrive today because my endurance has run out. So: “The ability of the mind to absorb and/or produce cogent material is limited by the backside’s ability to remain in an unpadded, uncontoured wooden dining room chair.” (credit to me!) I think I may use some Christmas money on that office chair I saw at Costco….


One thought on “I need a new chair.

  1. Pete Denton says:

    I hear you on the chair front. I suffer with my back and decided to treat myself to a good chair. It was a good decision.

    Happy, pain free writing.

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