Sitting and waiting

I think of myself as one who is fairly adept at sitting still, but the reality is that I’m only good at that if I have a book to read or am watching something on tv. In fact, I often use tv time as an opportunity to fold laundry, iron, or even catch up on my losing streak on Words With Friends. As I now sit in a very comfortable restaurant, waiting for a call that my car is ready to be picked up, I am feeling the stress of having no ability to do anything and the reality of a to-do list that is as long as I am tall. Yes, I know, that isn’t saying much.

So. I am trying to write, but my foot is tapping anxiously and I keep getting distracted. Will the shuttle service that brought me here be able to pick me up or will I be stranded? Should I buy and eat that decadent looking pain au chocolat in the display case? Can I leave my stuff at the table while I get more coffee? How can I hold my table when the coffee I’ve already drunk obliges me to visit the water closet? Will it ever stop raining? How much is this car repair going to cost? What do I want to be when I grow up? Why can’t I win at Words With Friends? I am a bit scattered. I also just realized that I didn’t thaw anything for dinner, which needs to be ready early so Adam can make it to a meeting, but I obviously can’t do anything about that from Atlanta Bread Company. Unless everyone wants pastry for dinner. Any takers? I’m certainly in! To add to the internal chaos, I get a call from school – kid the younger (who stayed up late last night illicitly watching Cake Boss on Netflix) is in the nurse’s office with the whineys. She says her throat and tummy hurt, but there is no evidence of redness, fever, or even lack of energy. She would just prefer to spend her day at home. Which is too bad. The temporary loss of her new ipod is not going to go over well either, I’m guessing…. She will be returning to class after a placebo treatment of 15 minutes rest and some gatorade. At least that can be handled from a distance and without transportation!

And wonder of wonders! The car is ready and the shuttle driver will be here…eventually. Hooray! Dinner won’t be pastry after all. (That’s kind of a shame, now that I think about it….) I am still nervous about the cost, but maintenance is cheaper than repairs are. And my foot has stopped tapping because the keyboard taps are an excellent substitute. Waiting may not be my favorite sitting activity, but it wasn’t so bad! Hooray for coffee…and chocolate…!


4 thoughts on “Sitting and waiting

  1. Michelle says:

    If you would play words with me, you would win! Your morning sounded wonderful to me.

  2. lydiatisdale says:

    I really should have told my local friends where I was – then you could have come to join me and I wouldn’t have worried about my to-do list at all!

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