You know those days when you forget the biscuit in the oven until it’s a charcoal briquette, and you realize that the kids’ dental appointments that you confirmed just yesterday actually do conflict with something, and the initiative you praised in someone is getting everyone in a sticky situation that you maybe should have foreseen, and your cat used the (thankfully empty) laundry basket as a litter box? Yeah. It’s been that kind of morning. So, the biscuit is trashed and breakfast was re-made, the appointment is rescheduled for Monday morning, the kids’ teachers have been emailed, the non-litter box (and floor) have been cleaned and sanitized, and we’re still waiting to find out about the initiative/sticky situation. Some days all the productivity goes into undoing and redoing things that you thought were done already. The French have a saying for that: c’est la vie. But I have a saying too: Ce n’est pas une partie de la vie dont j’approuve…. [It’s not a part of life of which I approve….] (If you speak French, feel free to kindly edit and/or critique my grammar. I cheated and let the grand poo-bah that is the interwebs help me with my conjunctions and prepositions…. I wonder if that helped or hurt my cause?)

Days like this make me tired. I don’t build houses, or fences, or anything else. I’m sitting at a computer trying to catch up on email and psych myself up for doing the editing that needs to be done. But the little distractions, the ones that really aren’t a big deal and are fairly easily dealt with, derail me every time.

But. It’s amazing what a hot shower, an extra cup of coffee, a diet coke, or a minute to do my hair and put on makeup can do. So. Done whining. Or whinging – I love that word, just not when I hear someone indulging in the activity, even if it’s me. Onward. Besides, it may have been a slightly annoying morning, but it’s almost noon, so morning’s over anyway. Back to work….


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