Back to life. Back to reality.

Who knew I would ever quote Soul II Soul? I have refrained from repeating the…well, the refrain…quite as often as in the song, but the sentiment is apt. December of 2012 seems to be looming large and missing at the same time. It has blurring edges and soft lighting like a dream sequence in a bad soap opera, and it is best left in that ephemeral state. Now it’s time to be well and get about the business of life. And reality. And can someone please get this song out of my head?

Oh dear, the small tact elf in the back of my mind is reminding me that not all of you know why December was hard, and some may be offended. May it never be! Suffice it to say, I spent three weeks of December fighting the flu and/or a sinus infection while trying to prepare for my son’s birthday, for Christmas and for a week of traveling to visit family and friends. I enjoyed watching my son turn 10 (except for the complete surreality of it, of course); all the festivities of Christmas were beautiful, fun and moving; the visits with family members were wonderful, if occasionally chaotic; and I’m especially glad to welcome my two new nieces into the family. But. December was still exhausting. And not much of it had anything to do with the everyday real life that I live the rest of the year. And the two mommies who actually gave birth are allowed to be annoyed that I’m complaining about how hard my December was….

But now here I am in January. Of 2013. How did that happen? My son is 10, but still has anxiety attacks over tasting new foods. Despite having grown an inch in December. I’m sure of it. My daughter is getting close to 9, and her favorite answer to everything is “fine.” “No,” I say, “it’s not ‘fine;’ you may say ‘yes, ma’am’ or you may surrender your new ipod to me for the day.” Or the week. Again. “But mo-om!” I really didn’t expect the attitude to start this early. The current loss of the ipod is helping though. Children may be “hostages to fate,” but their toys are hostages to obedience. It’s a fair trade.

So parenting and getting past the entitlement that creeps into the minds of parents and children alike during a month when we get so much is part of the real life we’re getting back to. Going to school, having homework, using alarms, early bedtimes…all of them are part of life again this week. And I don’t get to go back to bed and rest or read either. Because I’m not sick anymore and there are things to be done. Groceries need to be bought, meals need to be cooked, the house needs to be cleaned, emails need to be answered, and words need to be written, edited, rewritten, and commented upon. Preferably while utilizing the Oxford comma…even if Oxford has abandoned it. Going to bed earlier might also be in order. Because waking up later isn’t an option. More’s the pity.

New Year’s Resolutions? No. I am resolved to get back to where I was in November, I don’t have energy to try anything new…. Though I am never averse to planning to lose a few pounds, get in shape and be more disciplined in my daily routine. Do those count?

Oh yeah, and I got a fabulous haircut. That I’m finally learning how to style. I loved it the day I got it done, but have been fighting with it for a week now. I think we have declared a detente and I love it again. Whew. Thanks so much to one of my dearest friends for your time and talent!


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