On being a sickie….

Guess who did not get a flu shot this year…. Guess who will be making time for flu shots next year…. Because the inconvenience of going somewhere to get a shot is a really dumb reason to be sick. Some people are opposed to vaccines and some people can’t take them for any number of reasons…but that is not why we didn’t get them. Nope. I was just not in the mood. So I lost a week of December. And I really didn’t want to lose a week of December – remember how I said I was feeling productive? All gone. The only good news is that the house was clean when we were quarantined to it. ‘Cause by the way? The whole family had the flu. There are only four of us, but it started to feel like twelve sick people stuck in a ten foot box by Friday. I hate being sick. I especially hate not having energy to do holiday stuff because I’m sick. And I really especially hate having two bored, sick children bent on irritating each other to death.

But now I’m feeling somewhat better, and since I was so productive two weeks ago, I’m only about four days behind despite being sick for eight. So. Holidays, here I come! Slowly. With something of a lingering wheezy cough. Oh well. You can’t have everything.


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