You know those days…?

It was one of those days when nothing felt quite right. I stayed up too late last night – reading, of course. So this morning I rewarded myself for my very productive first half of the week by allowing myself to read all morning as well. It was fun. I enjoyed it. But the rest of the day suffered. You know those days when you don’t feel like anything you said came out right? And I’m not just talking about the banshee moments when the kids ruin something you’ve been working on while doing something that you already told them not to do, while you are fixing something they broke ten minutes ago when they weren’t exactly misbehaving, but weren’t exactly behaving appropriately for human beings living in a house. Monkeys in a zoo? Sure. So yeah…there was that moment. Or moments. But the hard part about days like today are that I know I’m being ridiculous. I’m worried about stuff I said on Sunday: “Did she understand what I really meant, or did I accidentally offend her?” I’m also irritated at everyone’s positive Facebook status. The snarky ones I’m good with, but the cheerful ones are making me gnash my teeth and snarl. I’m probably not really gnashing my teeth or snarling, but I wanted to use the words. “Smirk” may be over-used, but “snarl” needs more publicity. And anything with a silent g at the beginning is cool. See? Ridiculous. At least digressions about the relative merit of words describing facial expressions aren’t as bad as self-castigations about things that probably never bothered anyone anyway, unwarranted Facebook rage, or banshee moments. But still. It’s been one of those days. And if you are mad at me because of something I said on Sunday (or any other day, for that matter), please forgive me. There was no malice intended, I love and support you all, and yes, I know have a really big mouth that inevitably gets me in trouble. Believe it or not, I’m trying to say less…and go to bed early so as not to repeat today’s errors tomorrow!


One thought on “You know those days…?

  1. Michelle says:

    ok, I read your posts backwards. Read today’s and then went to yesterday’s. So are the cheerful comments you were snarling about the baked cookies and decked halls because you can come over here for a dose of “feel good”? Already feeling buried by the holiday “festivities”! and on top of that a sick kiddo (hoping for just the one). On second thought, don’t come over! Instead I’ll write a “distressed about all I have to do and Lydia is so much ahead of me” post on FB

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