They call this a vacation?!?!

We are approximately 35 seconds into our Thanksgiving Break and I have already broken up two arguments, been hit up for three treats, have one child in tears and the other raking leaves in an attempt to earn money. Okay, so that last one is actually a good thing…all except for the money-grubbing part. You can rest assured that as soon as he completes his self-appointed task (he is never so quick to finish ones that I appoint), he will demand payment in full and a ride to a venue wherein he can spend said payment. When I refuse (the one on the grounds that I currently have no cash, the other because I have no intention of letting him spend it), he too is likely to be in tears. But let us not borrow trouble.

Never mind. No need to borrow. The raker is now angry because I want him to rake ALL the leaves (“They’re scattered EVERYWHERE!”) before he gets out the leaf bag. Ahhhhh the joys of the holiday season….

The child in me still gets excited at the idea of a holiday break from school. I have sixteen years of conditioning that tells me that school breaks are the best thing ever. This deep-seated belief has been challenged regularly for the last 5 years as I watch my own dear children make themselves completely miserable during each and every school vacation. The adult in me therefore sees that occupation is necessary to all of us, no matter what our age. The more exciting the reason for the vacation, i.e. Christmas, the more rigorous the occupation needed, i.e. pyramid building. Unfortunately, the more occupations I dream up, the more resistant the children become, to the extent that my only occupation becomes the wrangling of said children. Which is WAY harder than building a pyramid. So while the child in me rejoices at the idea of the next three days without school (and the adult in me looks forward to turning off the alarm clock tonight), the rest of me is getting ready for the next month or so. Because ’tis the season…for cranky, hopeful, doomed-to-disappoinment children. Because NOTHING can live up to their hopes and expectations. So…. God bless us, everyone.

Does anyone need a pyramid built? Because baseboard cleaning won’t last all the way through December 26th….


One thought on “They call this a vacation?!?!

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the quote from Emma H. “I can’t rake because there are leaves in the way”

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