Kids plus sugar equals crazy

Today was the first day off of school that we’ve had since Labor Day…PRAISE THE LORD! We all enjoyed sleeping in, then we “enjoyed” cleaning up the house a bit, then we got down to the real fun. First, I can assure anyone who is interested that Wreck It Ralph (short |a|, pronounce the |l|) is indeed a movie that does not induce adult brain explosions. Second, I can assure anyone who is foolish enough to do what we did that allowing children to have soda AND candy, then taking them out to dinner does induce adult brain explosions. I love my kids. I even like taking them places and doing fun things with them. I do not enjoy sugar highs. The fact that I’ve had a sinus headache for four days does not make me more patient with children who have gotten lots of fun things and can only remember the things to which I have said no. This lecture happened: No is a really good thing to learn. You’re going to need to know how to handle hearing it for the rest of your life. I do indeed know that it’s not easy to be told no…that is why you have to learn how to take it. If it were easy, no learning would be necessary. Is this what they mean by “teachable moments?” Parenting books make those suckers seem a whole lot more fun that walking around a parking lot with two children who might, just possibly, be characterized as sulky and whiny. Or whinge-y…I love that word. But I digress. Too much sugar is bad. Yeah, yeah – rotten teeth, obesity – those are bad too, but too much sugar makes my kids act like pinballs on speed…and that is clearly the real evil!


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