Happy Halloween!

I am finding that it is easier to say I’m going to wear a costume today than it is to find things in my closet that are costume-y. For everyday life, that is probably a good thing. For Halloween? Not so much. I do have a graveyard of dresses, skirts, blouses, and shoes that would theoretically come together as a pretty good witch/pirate/fairy godmother…that is, if they actually still fit. But that is why they are a graveyard – they are memorializing a younger, smaller time. You know, the “if I only lost 5 or 10 pounds, they’d be perfect again” clothes. Oh, the shoes fit…they are just character shoes from the musicals I was in when I was in high school. Yes. Nineteen years ago. Though I am finding the distinction between 19 and 20 to be very important. Even better, the shoes may be 19 years old, but high school graduation was only eighteen years ago. So I’m really young still. Practically a baby. Really. Please?

This pitiful begging is actually a reversal for me…okay not the begging itself, but the reason behind it: As a child, all I wanted was to be grown up. I was certain that as soon as I reached the magical, mature, advanced age of 18 (go ahead, laugh), I would instantly be in control of all aspects of my life. (I know…still laughing.) Adulthood has been, at least based on the expectations of my six-year-old self, a bit of a let-down. I am still responsible for and to all kinds of people and things and I still lack complete independence. In addition, I still have to give up all the fun stuff I got to do as a kid. Except on Halloween. Halloween is still about playing dress-up and eating too much candy. So what if I have to buy the candy now? I still get to eat it! And now I get to watch a couple more little people get excited about the gateway holiday. Dressing up, gorging on ridiculous amounts of candy, ineptly carving large squash, and convincing ourselves that we’re scared of plastic, light-up yard art – what’s not to like about October 31st? To say nothing of the fact that the passing of Halloween is the surest sign that the holiday season is here…just check out the stores: turkeys and Santas are duking it out for retail supremacy as I write this! So, I’ll find something that vaguely resembles a costume and I’ll take two not-so-little people around to the neighbors to be cute and beg for candy while my husband stays home and gives ours (but only some of it – we need some too!) to other cuties. Then we’ll all consume way too much sugar! Hooray! We are not, however, dressing up the dog or the cats…much to one child’s disappointment…a line much be drawn somewhere.


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